A2C Budget Hotel – Fountain of Crime on Fulton Industrial Blvd

A2C Front - CopyThe A2C Budget Hotel (Formerly the Travelodge (and later the Travel Inn) of Six Flags), located at 4265 Shirley Drive, South-West, Atlanta, GA 30336, is the worst of the worst when it comes to sex trafficking on Fulton Industrial Blvd.

Years ago, Travelodge pulled its association with this hotel due to crime & poor management issues. (We do congratulate Travelodge for taking a stand!) At that time, it was downgraded to the “Travel Inn” but its association with sex trafficking did not diminish.

Not too long ago, the Travel Inn was foreclosed on by its mortgage holder and resold. The new owner renamed it the A2C Budget Hotel and voila, we now have one of the worst hotels in Metro Atlanta.

Officials say that while there always existed a sex trafficking problem when it was called the Travel Inn, since it came under the control of the new owner, crime levels have exploded to the point that now, at least 25% of all crimes on Fulton Industrial Blvd originate at the A2C Budget Hotel!

Of course, this isn’t the only hotel this particular owner possesses – he has 6 others spread across Metro Atlanta – and you’ll never guessprostitution abounds at all of them! (It is estimated that 95% of modern day prostitutes are trafficked against their will.)

More will be written about this owner’s holdings in the near future. For now, we’ll let the most recent tripadvisor reviews speak for themselves:

Terrible Place

Reviewed September 30, 2015

“When i first got to hotel, front desk staff was standing outside, I know she saw me pull up, she went inside hotel and went to back. I had to wait 15 mins in lobby to be ackowledged. When I got to my room, it was filty. smelled like rotten bowels, and there were only 2 towels in my room. I called to front desk and they told me i can’t have anymore towels and thats the only room they have and if I didn’t like it, i could leave. A dragqueen knocked on my room door at 2am asking if “I wanna give it a go” after I slammed the door in her face, a drug dealer came to my room accusing me of oweing him money on some deal and threatening me. I was scared for dear life. The next morning a prostitute followed me in my room and tried to haxe sex with me. This place is horrible.”

Do NOT stay here.

Reviewed September 9, 2015

“It is located in the ‘hood’. Our TV barely worked, and got all of 5 channels, the room was hardly cleaned, the A/C barely worked and stopped working on our last night there, there was blood on one of the walls, and what looked like a bullet hole right outside our door. The blinds only provided the slightest privacy.. Not to mention my room didn’t even have a bathroom door!

Our room didn’t even have any towels, we had to get them from the front desk, along with toilet paper.

Someone that was staying there claimed on his first night, he found used condoms and needles behind the TV.

On our first night, we walked next door to get something from the gas station, and a guy pulled up offering $200 to have sex with my friend. The only fortunate thing is that there was ‘security’ at the gate, so said person couldn’t follow us in.

Shortly after we got back there, someone offered my friends and I PCP. There was another guy outside of the room next to ours on the second day, asking the person there if he can just get a hit of some rock.

So of course, the girls we were there with did not feel very safe, but I couldn’t get a refund, so we had to stay there.”



Reviewed July 8, 2015

“I stayed for a month. I was an complete idiot…I will easily label this this worst hotel of all time. I been in third world country that offer better. Drug addicted prostitutes and broke pimps are liberally located in this place. The TV offer about 4 working stations. The bed sheets and towels broke my skin out…The lazy security attempt makes me laugh. Also, I experience 2 nights of gun shots…”

NOTE: ATLTrafficking.com does not support some of the comments (omitted here) made in this last review, but the review is included as further evidence of what is going on at the A2C.

Call to Action:

Call your Fulton County Commissioner today and tell them you want the county to declare this hotel a public nuisance, to confiscate this property under Georgia Civil Forfeiture Rules, and then to demolish the building!

Nothing short of the prosecution of the owner or the destruction of the building will stop the sex trafficking activity here.