Fulton Industrial Boulevard – Worst Sex Trafficking Hot Spot in Metro Atlanta

Map of all points - CopyIt is well known among law enforcement and the anti-trafficking community that the area along Fulton Industrial Boulevard near I-20 (Six Flags) is the worst area in Metro Atlanta with regards to sex trafficking and has been for decades.

It is also well known that part of the reason is that this section of Fulton Industrial Boulevard runs through a narrow strip of unincorporated Fulton County just outside the city limits of Atlanta. In other words, the APD has no jurisdiction, so Fulton County Police are on their own. Yet, Fulton County Police are severely underresourced there.

What is not so well known is that this area could actually be very easy to clean up! Almost all the sex trafficking on Fulton Industrial Boulevard originates in just 6 hotels and 4 strip clubs!

3 of the 4 strip clubs rent their space from the same commercial property owner. 5 of the 6 hotels are owned and managed by a team of 3 men who belong to the same cartel. The 6th hotel is owned by Ray Barnes, the brother of Governor Roy Barnes.

Hotel Front - CopyOne of these hotels, the Super Inn at 301 Fulton Industrial Cir. Atlanta, GA 30336 has 4 to 5 underage victims pacing back and forth in front of its parking lot at any given time, waiting to be picked up by the johns that want to buy them.

What needs to happen?

First, public pressure needs to be exerted on this commercial property owner and the hotel owners. Second, Fulton County either needs to cede this area immediately to the City of Atlanta, or they need to authorize significant additional funding to Fulton County Police to clean up the FIB.

Call to Action:

  1. Call all the Fulton County Commissioners right away and tell them you want this area cleaned up to save these young girls and for the good of all Metro Atlanta!
  2. Call Six Flags – (972) 595-5000 & 770-739-3400 – and tell them that you can’t believe so many hotels in this area that advertise themselves as associated with Six Flags have this level of prostitution going on!