Illegal Spas Flee to Forsyth County

After the┬árecent crackdown by Johns Creek’s on illegal brothels posing as “spas” and “massage parlors”, many of the spa owners packed up and moved outside the city limits into unincorporated Forsyth County.

The large majority of spas and massage parlors in the Metro Atlanta area are actually brothels run by Asian gangs that hold their “masseuses” in perpetual sexual slavery while they “work off” their debts to the gang.

Concerned citizens of Forsyth have suddenly begun seeing spa after spa pop up along the border of their county.

Thankfully, the Forsyth County Commissioners have boldly enacted the same ordinances as Johns Creek that proved to be such a powerful tool in shutting down these sex trafficking dens. (The ordinances went into effect as of Jan. 1st, 2016.) We can only hope that the Forsyth Sheriff’s Office will be as adept at using these ordinances for the protection of these victims as were the Johns Creek police.

Now is the time for all concerned citizens of Forsyth County to make their voice heard and ask the Forsyth Sheriff’s Office to be diligent in enforcing these new ordinances with no tolerance for violations!