Patrick Charles “DaLastMan” Blake – Sex Trafficker at Large (Both Adults & Minors)

Patrick Blake Mugshot - CopyStatus: Active (Operating Freely)

Description: Very public sex trafficker, regularly hosts private adult escort parties at various locations.

Patrick Charles Blake surely wasn’t named “Dalastman” by his mother, but at some point he thought it would be cute to take up the moniker (DA-LAST-MAN) for himself. He believes himself to be a hip businessman, but he is nothing more than an exploiter of women and girls who sells their bodies for cash at paid orgies.

The pictures of cash on this Cash 3 - Copypage are from Mr. Blake’s Facebook and Twitter posts. (WARNING: Facebook and other links on this article contain graphic images.) If visiting his FB page, the reader will notice it advertises “Club GA Bunnies”, but the URL address still reads “charles.blake.94617.”

Here is another Facebook page for Club GA Bunnies. The mugshot above is of “Patrick Charles Blake”. Patrick Blake is the registered agent for Both it and Club GA Bunnies advertise themselves as “Underground Private Adult Clubs w/ Live Entertainment – Every Weekend” and openly advertises that it provides paid adult entertainment for swinger parties (i.e. paid prostitution).

Dalastman Tweeter Pic - Copy

From Dalastman’s Twitter Feed

When contacted by private investigators, “Dalastman” openly offered sexual services and confirmed those would be available at all of his events. He often holds those events at Studio 630, located at 630 Travis St. Atlanta, GA 30318

Do you think Studio 630 (an event center) knows what kinds of parties Mr. Blake is hosting at their facility? Do you think they know that he is selling young women’s bodies at their event center, some of whom look very young? Well…he’s certainly not paying them by check…Cash 1 - Copy

Dalastman has also held his “private, underground” parties at 367 North Clarendon Ave, Scottsdale, GA 300079 and 1620 Hollywood Rd, Atlanta, GA 30318 to name a few. The party at 1620 Hollywood Rd in particular advertised very young looking girls.

What is the City of Atlanta going to do about Mr. Blake? With him openly advertising sexual services for sale, giving the locations, displaying large amounts of cash, and advertising certain pictures of what appear to be very young women, it would seem that DaLastMan is very low hanging fruit for the APD!

Perhaps they just haven’t heard about him yet? Perhaps you can help spread the word? Call the Atlanta mayor’s office today as well as the city council and ask them to do something immediately about this trafficker!