Red Roof Inn Runs Rampant

“We wish we could drop a nuke on it.” ~ Anonymous federal agent (referring to the Red Roof off Windy Hill Rd.)

The Red Roof Inn in Smyrna (2200 Corporate Plaza, Smyrna, GA 30080), located next to the new Braves stadium construction, is a hotbed of trafficking activity! This hotel is used for Red Roof Front - Copyprostitution and has been this way for many years. Any day of the week, dozens of girls are trafficked out of this location, some of whom look underage, even as young as 12.

Data Points:

16 year old girl raped and almost murdered at this Red Roof Inn at the hands of her would-be trafficker who held her head underwater in a bathtub in order to force her to prostitute herself.

School buses drop off young children at this Red Roof every day (i.e. some of the women are very long-term residents, meaning the manager knows very well who they are and what they’re doing there). An ice cream truck also passes regularly through the lot.

Private investigators recently observed a young woman being trafficked repeatedly at the Red Roof in Smyrna over a 3 day period while her 7 week old baby slepFace and Rap Sheet - Copyt at the foot of the bed in which she was entertaining “client” after “client.” Investigators called DFACS and the Cobb County Police repeatedly over those days. Both were unresponsive.

Anthony “Ant” Shivers (see photo) is a known trafficker who has been observed in the company of at least one provocatively dressed 12 year old at the Red Roof in Smyrna. He has multiple convictions for statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent purposes and is also known to run girls out of the Motel 6 at Chamblee Tucker Rd. & I-285.

The Black Mafia Family is known to operate out of the Motel 6 at 3585 Chamblee Tucker Rd. and investigators have photographically documented their members beating several of their victims into submission at that hotel and others nearby. Both the Motel 6 on Chamblee Tucker Rd and this Red Roof Inn are part of the Ring of 4 – a group of hotels encircling Metro Atlanta that have been indicated by rescued trafficking victims as being in collusion.

Anthony Shivers in recent months has been living at this Red Roof in the room (#201) above the manager’s office. Investigators have photographiShivers FB with money - Copycally documented Shivers (and other traffickers) frequently hanging out and laughing with the hotel manager for extended periods of time.

It has been proven that Shivers is creating prostitution recruiting ads while sitting in his room above the manager’s office. He is known to associate with at least 3 others traffickers at this location, two whose last names are Bailey, and the third Littleton.

Investigators have traced countless other online prostitution ads to this hotel, including several orgies.

These days, prostitution is no longer a voluntary “occupation”. Most NGO’s and federal law enforcement agencies agree that approx. 90%-95% of prostitutes today are being forced to do so against their will.

Tripadvisor is full of glowing reviews:

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Much, much more detailed evidence has been documented, too much to include in this single blog entry. Georgia law provides for the civil forfeiture of property (both real property and personal property) used in criminal acts/enterprises. Such civil forfeiture is governed by O.C.G.A. § 16-13-49, which states the standard for seizure is either probable cause, or a preponderance of the evidence.

Why has Cobb County not yet declared this hotel a public nuisance and trying to shut it down using civil forfeiture laws or other legal tools? Why has Red Roof not pulled their name from this franchise? Is this what they want us to expect from a Red Roof? Contact the Red Roof Corporate office (614-744-2600) as well as your Cobb County Commissioner.