Red Roof Admits Sex Trafficking Occurs in its Rooms!

On Wednesday, January 2oth, reliable sources confirm that a spokesman for the Red Roof Inn off Windy Hill Rd (2200 Corporate Plaza, Smyrna, GA 30080) identifying himself as “Forrest,” the night manager, said that he had read ATL Trafficking’s most recent article on the Red Roof in Smyrna and admitted that much of the information contained in the article regarding sex trafficking occurring in their rooms is true! (Of course, we know it’s all true.)

Remember, it is an established fact that teenage girls have not only been routinely trafficked at this hotel,  but such prostitution is ongoing.

Forrest also confirmed that the national Red Roof Corporate office is aware of the situation, as well as the franchise owner. What is it going to take for Red Roof Corporate (614-744-2600) to pull the franchise rights from this owner? 

Readers will recall that up to 40 of the recent “good” reviews recently removed by tripadvisor for being fraudulent went out of their way to specifically praise employees “Forrest” or “Edafe.”

Readers will also remember that investigators recently filmed the manager of this Red Roof joking around with Shivers and other traffickers outside the manager’s office. Forrest’s admission now further confirms the Red Roof is aware of what is going on.

Under Georgia law, a commercial property owner is required to ensure that no criminal activity is occurring on a property they control!

The FBI recently began the process to confiscate another Red Roof for trafficking problems in Charlotte, NC. In that case, the Red Roof was forced to pull its name from the franchise.

Is the Cobb County District Attorney’s office paying attention? January 20th, 2016 is the magic date from which this Red Roof can no longer deny it knows what is going on. Any sex trafficking/prostitution occurring there after that date clearly makes the property liable for civil or even criminal forfeiture.

Concerned citizens should call the Cobb County elected officials as well as the Red Roof Corporate offices right away.

Red Roof Inn (Corporate) 614-744-2600

Red Roof Inn (Communications) – Sarah Kessler 614-225-5211

Karen Zhu (Media Contact – Hill & Knowlton Strategies) 305.443.5454