Ishwar Patel: Teen Sex Trafficking Profiteer (Fulton Industrial)

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Super Inn – 301 Fulton Industrial Cir.

“It doesn’t matter when we go. They’re always there.”  ~ Anonymous informant (regarding young girls exploited daily at the Super Inn)

Fulton County – Every day, one after the other, men arrive in their trucks or SUVs to pick up one of the teenage girls pacing the pavement in front of the Super Inn near Fulton Industrial Blvd. The men take them away and then drop them back off 15 minutes later, at which point the girls begin pacing again.

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Young Victims at the Super Inn

Surprisingly, just 6 hotels on or around Fulton Industrial Blvd are responsible for creating the worst sex trafficking neighborhood in Metro Atlanta. However, of those 6, the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) is the hotel most associated with the trafficking of minors and underage victims.

Reliable sources have photographically documented these young victims at the Super Inn as recently as a vic 2 - Copyfew days ago (Feb. 2016) as well as countless other times over recent years.

Other sources say they have repeatedly reported the presence of these minors to different branches of law enforcement, but to no avail.

“The only thing that ever seems to get a response is when we call Crimestoppers,” says one anonymous informant, vic 4 - Copy“but then all they do is send a marked patrol car. The girls see that and they scatter. Then the patrol car drives off and that’s the end of it.”

Ishwar Patel owns the Super Inn through his company, T&S Hospitality LLC. Besides Ishwar, 4 other Patels have claimed this hotel to be their best contact address within the past 18 months. They are: Vinnie Patel (Dec 2015), Madsu Patel (Oct 2015), Ambelal Patel (Jul 2015), and Madhuben Patel (Oct 2014). Presumably, these are all vic 3 - Copyfamily of Ishwar who have served as managers there during those times.

Ishwar also has close business relationships with the owners of 4 of the other 5 hotels on Fulton Industrial Blvd responsible for the sex trafficking activity there, but since his hotel is the one most associated with minors, he is considered the most despicable member of the Patel cartel.

vic 5 - CopySex trafficking cannot occur without a location. Sex traffickers cannot corrupt an entire neighborhood without certain property owners giving them sanctuary to protect them from direct exposure to law enforcement.

Given the details left by customers in online reviews, there is no doubt that all of the Patels listed above are well aware of the trafficking going on at the Super Inn. The comments below were posted on a sex forum by a rapist who calls himself “Mr. Tattoo” describing how the Super Inn provides him with sexual services via trafficking victims:

(WARNING: Graphic language follows)

John Review 2 bleeped - CopyJohn Review 1 bleeped - Copy

Actual excerpts from Tripadvisor and Expedia reviews follow:

“A prostitute informed us to knock on the door to get the office manager’s attention…” ~ Traveler1493

“We had to wait for the prostitutes to move out of the road to get into the parking lot…” ~Mark R.

“With the stares I got from the men and prostitutes coming in and out of the hotel I felt like fresh meat among a pack of wild dogs. The taxi driver stated he could not leave us here so we got back in the vehicle…” ~ Shorty9294

“Questionable people were inside the hotel as well as loitering in the parking area…” ~ Nora H.

“Prostitutes wearing only their underwear strolling the perimeter, hanging out in the lobby, and back and forth with customers…” ~ Angel (US)

“They apparently charge by the hour…” ~ Leslie

“Drugs and prostitution, can’t get through the front door…” ~ Evelyn (US)

Given the customer reviews above, is there any way possible the manager/owner is not aware of the criminal activity happening on his property? Clearly, the answer is NO. He is aware.

There can be no conclusion but that Ishwar is aware and happy to take money from these traffickers and their victims for the privilege of using his rooms to be raped.

And hasn’t ol’ Ishwar surely noticed that many of the faces being sold in his parking lot look very young indeed? But it doesn’t matter, right? As long as he makes a buck?

Call your Fulton County Commissioners today! Demand that action be taken to shut down and bulldoze this hotel!

Call the County Manager and the District Attorney, call the Fulton Industrial Community Improvement District officials, call the Environmental Health Department, and any other official who can have an impact on this situation.

It is far past the time that both Ishwar and the Super Inn were shut down for good!

(NOTE: The Super Inn’s rating on Tripadvisor is #165 out of 176 hotels in Atlanta. Since hotels #169 – 176 on Tripadvisor have zero ratings yet, this means the Super Inn is actually the 3rd worst hotel in all of Atlanta – it was only denied the title of worst hotel ever by one of its neighbors, the A2C Budget Hotel.)