Congratulations, Johns Creek!

Master Map - SpasFulton County – Each red marker on the map above represents a different massage parlor in Metro Atlanta where multiple men have posted comments in recent months (in online forums) confirming they have received sexual services at that spa.

A quick glance at the map reveals several things right off the bat. For example, Cumming has a significant brothel/trafficking problem, an unusual level of it considering their extreme suburban location.

A few other things jump out, like the fact that Gwinnett County seems to be doing a pretty good job, but Dekalb County is failing pretty badly.

However, one fact that jumps out before all else: There is a big white hole around Johns Creek!

Johns Creek recently passed a set of very effective ordinances giving them jurisdiction to regulate massage parlors rather than relying on the State of Georgia to do it. Since the passage of those ordinances, sources say that Johns Creek has shut down 11 different massage parlors for illegal sexual activity!

Today, when one searches the forums for reviews on massage parlors in Johns Creek, the only reviews to be found are “johns”/predators frustrated that they can’t get the services they want.


Truly, truly good work! You are the only municipality in Georgia that has successfully taken on this criminal organization and won!

(Yes, it is an established fact that these massage parlors are part of an organized criminal network – federal agencies confirm that almost all Asian spa workers have been coerced into providing sex acts at these parlors.)

It should be noted that this success came about not only because of concerned citizens, but because so many Johns Creek officials were also passionate about doing something about this plague.

Reliable sources say that everyone, from the city council, to the mayor, to the city manager, to the city attorney, to the police chief – and really the whole police department – got on board and were determined to put an end to this problem within their jurisdiction.

So, to all citizens of Johns Creek: You can and should be proud of your government officials, both elected and otherwise. Not only did they care, but they acted. They came together as one and accomplished something that municipalities across the United States have only dreamed of doing.

We encourage all readers to call your Johns Creek officials today and congratulate them. Thank them for a job well done.

The map speaks for itself – proof positive they have had a very real impact and significantly reduced sex trafficking activity in their land.