Teen Sex Trafficking Brings $1.8 Million to the Super Inn

vic 1 - CopyIt is time that we put a stop to the trafficking of teenagers in broad daylight, right in front of our eyes.”

Fulton County – On February 16th, ATL Trafficking published a news article detailing the sex trafficking of underage girls at the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) and exposing the owner, Ishwar Patel, and his managers’ awareness of the situation.

Reliable sources say that between the hours of 4:00 PM and 2:00 AM, an average of 8 men per hour can be seen arriving at the Super Inn to pay for sex with these young girls and other victims. From the online sex forums, it can be determined that the average price each of those men pays is around $60.

These same sources say that outside of those hours, (after 2 AM and before 4 PM) the rate is much slower – probably 1 exploiter per hour – and that Sundays are slow business days compared with the others.

Therefore, simple math reveals that as many as 100 men are visiting the Super Inn per day. That works out to be $6,000 per day, or $150,000 per month (excluding Sundays for which the rate is unknown).

Hotel Front - CopyThis totals at least $1,800,0000 passing through the Super Inn each year.

So, we would ask Ishwar: Where does all that money go? How much do the traffickers keep? How much are they paying you and your managers to look the other way? Is that how you afford all these commercial properties?

It would interesting to see if Mr. Patel included all this income on his taxes for that property, or if he failed to disclose it – and whether he paid all the appropriate sales and hotel taxes.

Again, the Super Inn is the hotel on Fulton Industrial most associated with the trafficking of minors and underage victims.

Ishwar Patel owns the Super Inn through his company, T&S Hospitality LLC. Besides Ishwar, 4 other Patels have claimed this hotel to be their best contact address within the past 18 months. They are: Vinnie Patel (Dec 2015), Madsu Patel (Oct 2015), Ambelal Patel (Jul 2015), and Madhuben Patel (Oct 2014). Presumably, these are all family of Ishwar who have served as managers there during those times.

Ishwar also has close business relationships with the owners of 4 of the other 5 hotels on Fulton Industrial Blvd responsible for the sex trafficking activity there, but since his hotel is the one most associated with minors, he is considered the most despicable member of the Patel cartel responsible for creating this crime-filled zone.

Sex trafficking cannot occur without a location. Sex traffickers cannot corrupt an entire neighborhood without certain property owners giving them sanctuary to protect them from direct exposure to law enforcement.

We would encourage law enforcement to approach this situation not with the purpose of proving human trafficking, but organized crime. Organized crime (RICO) laws are the most effective tool to stop a criminal enterprise such as this.

Let’s shut this hotel down, confiscate it, and then bulldoze it. Don’t board it up just to let a new “owner” do the same thing.

We also encourage the general public to call your Fulton County representatives today and make your voice heard on this issue. It is time that we put a stop to the trafficking of teenagers in broad daylight, right in front of our eyes.

Below is a refresher of the Tripadvisor and Expedia reviews for the Super Inn:

“A prostitute informed us to knock on the door to get the office manager’s attention…” ~ Traveler1493

“We had to wait for the prostitutes to move out of the road to get into the parking lot…” ~Mark R.

“With the stares I got from the men and prostitutes coming in and out of the hotel I felt like fresh meat among a pack of wild dogs. The taxi driver stated he could not leave us here so we got back in the vehicle…” ~ Shorty9294

“Questionable people were inside the hotel as well as loitering in the parking area…” ~ Nora H.

“Prostitutes wearing only their underwear strolling the perimeter, hanging out in the lobby, and back and forth with customers…” ~ Angel (US)

“They apparently charge by the hour…” ~ Leslie

“Drugs and prostitution, can’t get through the front door…” ~ Evelyn (US)