Yan Massage (Still Active – Forsyth)

Yan Massage Cumming Forsyth County Massage ParlorTrafficking BrothelATTENTION: Yan Massage was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth County raid several weeks ago, and is still active.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Yan Massage (4415 Front Nine Dr. #200, Cumming, GA) is a not a spa, but a brothel that is part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what goes on at Yan Massage, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is from last month (February, 2016) after the Forsyth County ordinances were passed.

Women who are trapped working in the massage parlors run by these cartels are typically lured into the United States with false promises of a respectable job. Upon arrival, usually in either Los Angeles or New York City, these women are told they owe as much as $50,000 and forced into performing the most degrading kinds of sex acts with massage parlor customers. Once a girl is broken in spirit, the Asian gangs then cycle them through other spas around the country, including Yan Massage located in Cumming.

The Forsyth Sheriff’s Dept. has taken a lot of great initiative in shutting other massage parlors down. Let’s hope they will take action against Yan Massage soon!

Yan Massage Cumming, GA Forsyth County Massage Parlort Trafficking Brothel

Review left by munchmacoochie on March 8, 2016


Other “Client” Reviews (from rubmaps.com):
(Words in parenthesis added by ATL Trafficking.com for clarity)

“…I really like her body type…” ~ March, 2016

“she…points to my ****, I said…please…she got some oil and was ******* that ****** so well…” ~reggib19, February, 2016

“…she remembered me…unrushed massage and **** job…” ~ wonderer77, December, 2015

“…what an amazing hand job it was too. She said she doesn’t offer more than a hand job, but we’ll see in the future…” ~ bake013, October, 2015

The only way to end this slavery is to shut places like Yan Massage down.

We urge all concerned citizens to call the property management company today and demand they void Yan Massage’s lease!

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Brian Bell, Del Creviston

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