UPDATE: Massage Angel (CLOSED – Forsyth)

UPDATE: Massage Angel is now confirmed to be permanently closed!

This was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth Sheriff’s raid several months ago – this closure occurred because of public pressure by the citizens of Forsyth County.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Massage Angel (655 Atlanta Hwy, Suite 508, Cumming, GA) was a not a spa, but a brothel and part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what went on at Massage Angel, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is dated after the Forsyth County ordinances were passed.

Women who are trapped working in the massage parlors operated by these cartels are typically lured into the United States with false promises of a respectable job. Upon arrival, usually in either Los Angeles or New York City, these women are told they owe as much as $50,000 and forced into performing the most degrading kinds of sex acts with massage parlor customers. Once a girl is broken in spirit, the Asian gangs then cycle them through other spas around the country, including Massage Angel located in Cumming.

In the reviews below, notice the reluctance of the women to provide sexual services and the way these mongers press them into it.

The Forsyth Sheriff’s Dept. has shown great initiative in shutting other massage parlors down and now pressure exerted by concerned citizens has also shut down the Massage Angel

Other “Client” Reviews:
(Words in parenthesis added by ATL Trafficking.com for clarity)

“…I gently guide her hand to my ****….I hit a climax in about 4 minutes flat…” ~ NotoriousKeys, November, 2015

“…One thing I could tell is that she does not really enjoy the work she does and does the teasing and  HE (happy ending) etc strictly for money and kinda bites the bullet if you ask me…She let me pull one *** out but not the other…Al (sic) of a sudden she is shy ?? She didn’t let me suck on them…She complained me sticking my hands from the front but it was ok for me to stick it from the back as long as it is “over” her panties…No resistance if I push my hands in from the bottom lining of the panties but can’t push them in from the top lining even when I am grabbing the same pile of ****. I think its psychological….I had to make her stop as the **** needed desensitization. Gosh how long does it take for these girls to learn that ? At the end she looks at the clock. 10 minutes remaining. Boy she truly hates her job and puts up a good acting. But for $50 massage and a $40 tip I wasn’t looking for a  GFE so all thats cool. She tells me her age is 38. I call  BS . Add 10 to that. She is at least 48…” ~ September, 2015

“She told me that there would be a  ** …Made sure that i had the right tip amount before she got it started. I assured her i had more than enough. She got her hands and my **** then worked on my ****…” ~Mr. Pleasurez, July, 2015

“…I had to egg her on for more. She finally caves, turns me over, and ***** me off …She lets me grope and squeeze her *** nice and tight…Not as good as *****…but this chick will do. Never managed to get her name…wouldn’t give it to me.” ~ rangus67, May, 2015

The only way to end this slavery is to shut places like Massage Angel down. The fact that this brothel is no longer operational is a great victory!