Buckhead Madam Operates Brothel in Broad Daylight

CORRECTION: We originally reported that the APD was dedicating a portion of a single detective’s time to sex trafficking cases. Actually, the APD has a maximum of 4 to 5 detectives  assigned sex trafficking cases, but each is prohibited from spending more than 20% of their time on such cases, which results in a combined total of slightly less than 1 full-time detective, irresponsibly low for a city like Atlanta.

ATLANTA, GA – Miranda “Randa” Bryant has been operating a prostitution ring from Apartment #4408 at the Reserves at West Paces (1401 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA) for a long time.

Investigators have confirmed that Randa Bryant is the current occupant of apartment #4408, and she is the documented owner of three different erotic massage service companies: Atlanta Body Rubs, Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret, and Hush Massage.

One only has to look at Randa’s Twitter account to see she self-proclaims herself to the be the owner of Atlanta Body Rubs, a clear prostitution service given the fact the website warns users of nude photos of its models before entering the site.

Rand Twitter - Copy

A visit to Atlanta Body Rubs shows that for $175 per hour, Randa currently trafficks at least 11 different women to professional men in Buckhead, their names being given as: Chelsea, Monica, Bella, Sophia, Natalia, Julia, Scarlett, Autumn, Tiffany, Christine, and Nature. (We have included the girls’ names here only because these are known to be aliases and not the true and correct names of these females.)

Buyer 2 - Copy

Sex Buyer @ The Reserves at West Paces

This is not Randa’s first effort to run a prostitution ring as she was arrested in 2005 for keeping a place of prostitution.

Residents at the Reserves at West Paces report that they regularly witness the following in their apartment complex on a daily basis:

1.) Many different, well-dressed professional men visiting apartment #4408 for 30 – 60 minutes at a time throughout the day. (Note: We did not blur the face in the image to the left, the image quality was unfortunately poor.)

2.) Many different, attractive females, who do not live at the residence, wearing very heavy make-up and revealing clothing and leaving from Apt #4408 as if dispatched for appointments.

Iris 2Locate reports for Randa Bryant show several different phone numbers associated with her, and reverse searches of those numbers reveal that she has had many other “escorts” working for her recently in addition to the ones named above: Jenna, Drew, Cameren, Deanna, Iris, Renee, Rose, Rachel, Dylan, Tia, Laura Li, and Brittany.

This means that her phone numbers and companies are the stated employer and/or recorded contact info for 23 different women who have been rated and reviewed online for erotic services.

The Reserves at West Paces is a luxury apartment complex that promotes an affluent lifestyle for its tenants, and its residents have surely informed management at different times about the unusual indications of prostitution in one of its apartments.Logo - Copy

Question: Why hasn’t the Reserves at West Paces taken action to stop this obvious illegal activity in one of its apartments?

Possible Answer: Randa Bryant is likely current on her rent and the management company has chosen to protect the bottom line rather than the environment they are providing their other tenants.

Also, it should be noted that since the sex buyers are all well-dressed professional men who visit during the day (meaning they probably work in Buckhead), Randa’s clientele are likely wealthy attorneys, businessmen, and other influential individuals who may have exerted their influence to protect Mrs. Bryant.

Question: Given the blatant public advertising of Randa’s prostitution services, and given how easy it is to determine her home address, why hasn’t the APD shut her down?

Answer: Representatives of the APD stated several months ago in a semi-public forum that in spite of all the public lip service the mayor’s office gives to making the fight against sex trafficking a priority, they are currently prohibiting their  detectives (Maximum of 4 – 5 trafficking detectives at any given time) from spending more than 20% of their hours on such cases.

That means that the equivalent of slightly less than one APD detective is working trafficking cases in any given week.

It does not have to be pointed out how irresponsible that is considering Atlanta has one of the worst sex trafficking problems in the United States.

The Atlanta Police Department is unlikely to admit this statistic to the general public or media, but trusted individuals have confirmed this statistic of limiting detectives to 20% of their time was indeed admitted in a meeting with public officials.

Why would the APD do this? It’s called politics. They don’t really want to dedicate money and resources to fight trafficking, but they want to claim that they are making it a priority. So, instead of being obvious and assigning a single detective to these cases, they create a “taskforce” of five detectives to sound good, but then behind the scenes limit their time to 20%.

We urge all readers to call the Reserves at West Paces  today (404) 814-1944) and demand that they take action to stop the prostitution on its premises. We urge the owners of this apartment complex to immediately switch management companies.

Please also call the property owner, Olen Properties Corporation in California, at 1-949-644-6536.

We further urge all readers to call the APD and demand:

1.) That they immediately open a case on Randa Bryant and shut down her escort service.

2.) That they arrest as many of her past clients as possible as well without respect to position or influence.

3.) That they immediately assign significantly more detectives and resources to stopping sex trafficking in Atlanta.