Violent Sex Trafficker to be Freed by Corrupt Judge?

Boo & Money - Copy

Mabry Counting His Cash

UPDATE (10/26/17): Boo Mabry has in fact been set free by Judge Goger and the Fulton County D.A.’s office. He declared himself guilty of trafficking heroin, cocaine, and using a firearm during the commission of a felony and received 5 years probation, back on the street immediately. Several victims who had hoped to escape now remain trapped thanks to this miscarriage of justice.

ATLANTA, GA – Bobby “Boo” Mabry is a violent sex & drug trafficker who operates on the south side of Atlanta, primarily in locations around the intersection of I-285 and Jonesboro Rd. Sources within law enforcement have expressed great concern for some of the girls Mabry exploits saying that he and his friends are among a different class of sex traffickers – extremely violent and dangerous.

It is known that Boo Mabry is selling desperate girls in South Atlanta for sex through multiple online advertisements. It is also known that Mabry is not a low man on the totem pole within his drug trafficking ring. Field investigators have observed him using girls as drug mules, as well as using other men as go-betweens to drug dealers in the suburbs.

Broken Girl - CopyIn other words, he is a heroin & cocaine “wholesaler” who supplies drug dealers in rural and suburban communities across North Georgia (as far north as the Tennessee border), though he insulates himself by using others as intermediaries, including the women he is exploiting.

While it is almost certain that Boo Mabry is a high-level member of one of the trafficking cartels operating in Atlanta, it is currently unknown exactly which one. One source has alleged he is a member of the Black Mafia Family, though this remains unconfirmed.

Below is a list of the charges for which Mabry has previously been convicted:


In early 2017, Boo Mabry was arrested and charged with:

Trafficking in Heroin 16-13-31 Felony 02/03/2017
Sale of Heroin 16-13-30(b) Felony 01/26/2017
Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute 16-13-30(b) Felony 02/03/2017
Possession of Firearm or Knife During Commission of a Felony 16-11-106 Felony 02/03/2017
Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon 16-11-131 Felony 02/04/2017
Possession of Marijuana-Less Than 1 Oz. 16-13-2(b) Misdemeanor 02/03/2017

Unfortunately, the judge assigned in this case is Fulton County judge, John Goger. Mabry is currently scheduled for a trial before Judge Goger on October 23rd, 2017.

State Senator Nancy Schaefer

State Senator Nancy Schaefer

Before she was killed, State Senator Nancy Schaefer alleged that there was a network of corrupt judges, guardian ad litems, and DFCS workers in Georgia who were enabling the sale of children to sex traffickers and pedophiles. Many attorneys and members of the Georgia state government believe that Senator Schaefer was killed to prevent the release of a documentary she had produced with a reputable film company exposing this system and “naming names.”

Since her death, ATL Trafficking has indeed identified at least one or more judges in each county of Metro Atlanta surrounded by claims of such corruption. In Fulton County, the two judges most publicly associated with injustice in custody cases and allegations of keeping children in the hands of sex traffickers and pedophiles have been Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane and Judge John Goger.

Bensonetta Tipton Lane resigned after significant evidence of corruption was exposed by the media.

Judge Goger - Copy

Judge John Goger

In 2013, Judge Goger presided over a case where he made some very strange rulings that flew in the face of evidence with the result that full custody was given to a wealthy pedophile allegedly connected to an Italian mafia family and accused of molesting his daughter on a regular basis.

The child’s accounts were verified by 5 independent assessments, and FBI agents in New Jersey originally found many instances of child porn on the father’s computer, though that evidence later “disappeared.”

In spite of the daughter’s clear testimony of what had happened to her, Judge Goger reportedly ignored clear evidence and gave full custody to the wealthy pedophile. One source says it seemed at the time that Judge Goger exhibited signs of severe fear, as if he were being threatened in some way.

Of course, while no corruption has been proven, several court officials were forced to rescind enormous bills submitted to the Goger court for unknown services. Because of this past history, many are concerned that Judge Goger could be compromised in the Mabry trial as well, influenced by certain Atlanta politicians (including the mayor’s office) with the result being that Boo Mabry would only receive a slap on the wrist and be released to continue both his drug and sex trafficking activity, destroying young women and destroying our communities.

We urge all concerned citizens to contact the Fulton County Superior Court right away and urge Judge Goger (404-612-8671, 404-613-5314) to not show Boo Mabry any leniency in sentencing.

The results of Mabry’s sentencing will reveal once and for all which side Judge Goger is on.