Two Forsyth Massage Parlors Flout the Law: (Yan Massage)

Interior of Yan Massage

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

“A Massage” and “Yan Massage” are two spas that survived the Forsyth Sheriff Department raid this Spring, and both are still actively using trafficked women from Asia to provide sexual services to men in their neighborhoods.

Both parlors are also in clear violation of Forsyth County Code ordinances as they are illegally located next to playgrounds, a daycare, and residential areas.

Under the Forsyth County Code, massage parlors are classified as Adult Entertainment establishments. Section 10-36 reads as follows:

To Daycare - Copy

View of School from parking lot in front of Yan Massage (brothel)

“(a)  Location. No adult entertainment establishment shall be located:

(1)  Within 1,000 feet of any parcel of land which is either used or zoned for residential uses or purposes;

(2)  Within 1,000 feet of any parcel of land on which a church, school, library, college campus, public park, cemetery, government building, civic center, or children’s day care or playground facility is located;”

As the map on the right shows, Yan Massage is located within 393 feet of  a preschool & kindergarten and 70 feet from a residential area. Obviously, both those distances are less than 1,000 feet.

This is a clear and undeniable violation of the massage parlor code and the Forsyth Sheriff must act immediately to shutter it permanently. Forsyth never should have issued a permit in the first place.

NOTE: On April 12th of this year, Sperry Van Ness, the property management company for Yan’s shopping center, sent the email below to the Forsyth Sheriff Dept. acknowledging they were aware of the criminal activity at this property:

“Thank you for the notice. This is not the original tenant signed up within the premises. We will notify the landlord/owner (Royal Windermere, LLC) to take your recommended action immediately.”

Apparently, the owner, Royal Windermere, decided they cared more about the cash and didn’t want to evict this illegal brothel. Since the property management notified the sheriff in writing they were aware of the criminal activity and would notify the owner, and had a clear path to take action, but then the owner chose not to do so, this shopping center is now eligible for confiscation. (Forsyth, wouldn’t you like a free $2 million?)

Why should we care?

Because after the Forsyth Sheriff raid this Spring, Preplie924 wrote on April 29th:

“J**** gave a good enough h******, stroking *******. I held onto those nice C **** and then **** ** ****…I cant wait to have more fun with this girl.”

Notorious Keys wrote on on July 3rd, 2016:

“The massage was a little rough but when I flipped over, her…game was good. She stroked and ****** on my **** until I ********…I’m glad I checked this place out!”

Yan Massage as seen from the Carrington Academy

Yan Massage as seen from the Carrington Academy

Bulldog_42 wrote on July 12, 2016:

“Since we’ve known one another for a couple of years she lets me get away with more. You’ll have a nice massage and great HE (happy ending) with J****.”

Aznjay916 wrote on July 12, 2016:

“Definitely will leave u HAPPY after she’s done with u”

Wareagle 51 wrote on July 17, 2016 that he received a “happy ending.

Firemedic8331 wrote on July 21, 2016:

“On the flip she ask about happy ending. I said yes and she stroked nicely til the finish.”

That last one is especially troubling since his avatar is “firemedic,” implying he works for an emergency response service of some kind.

And this is all happening in violation of the law within eyesight of our children and neighborhoods.

IMPORTANT: Once Yan Massage is rightfully shut down by the Sheriff, its owners, and the family members are prohibited by law from reopening their parlor anywhere else in Forsyth.

Concerned citizens should contact the Forsyth Sheriff Department right away.  (770-781-2222)