Violent Sex Trafficker to be Freed by Corrupt Judge?

Boo & Money - Copy

Mabry Counting His Cash

UPDATE (10/26/17): Boo Mabry has in fact been set free by Judge Goger and the Fulton County D.A.’s office. He declared himself guilty of trafficking heroin, cocaine, and using a firearm during the commission of a felony and received 5 years probation, back on the street immediately. Several victims who had hoped to escape now remain trapped thanks to this miscarriage of justice.

ATLANTA, GA – Bobby “Boo” Mabry is a violent sex & drug trafficker who operates on the south side of Atlanta, primarily in locations around the intersection of I-285 and Jonesboro Rd. Sources within law enforcement have expressed great concern for some of the girls Mabry exploits saying that he and his friends are among a different class of sex traffickers – extremely violent and dangerous.

It is known that Boo Mabry is selling desperate girls in South Atlanta for sex through multiple online advertisements. It is also known that Mabry is not a low man on the totem pole within his drug trafficking ring. Field investigators have observed him using girls as drug mules, as well as using other men as go-betweens to drug dealers in the suburbs.

Broken Girl - CopyIn other words, he is a heroin & cocaine “wholesaler” who supplies drug dealers in rural and suburban communities across North Georgia (as far north as the Tennessee border), though he insulates himself by using others as intermediaries, including the women he is exploiting.

While it is almost certain that Boo Mabry is a high-level member of one of the trafficking cartels operating in Atlanta, it is currently unknown exactly which one. One source has alleged he is a member of the Black Mafia Family, though this remains unconfirmed.

Below is a list of the charges for which Mabry has previously been convicted: Continue reading

Gwinnett Swinger Club Endangers Children During Sex Parties

Angela Wilkins - CopyWARNING: The following article contains graphic descriptions. We apologize in advance for some of the photos, but we have been compelled to include them to refute public claims by group members that no orgies took place.

UPDATE (6/21/2017): Angela Wilkins & other groups members have stated publicly that certain Gwinnett officers have reassured her that they will ensure no investigation will happen. Other sources say that Gwinnett has indeed opened an investigation and are working it. Due to known police connections, t is up to the public to make sure that Gwinnett County does take action and achieves results, not just placate public outrage with a mediocre efforts.

Law Enforcement Officer Passed Out at Angela's

Law Enforcement Officer Passed Out at Angela’s

UPDATE (6/13/2017): ATL Trafficking was already aware of two young children by name who are alleged to have been sexually abused in conjunction with these parties. We have now received information regarding a third, and possibly a fourth. Of those, at least one is alleged to have been asked to do sexual things at these parties as a minor, but is now an adult. Anyone who has additional information on young Eric, or any other victims, please contact us right away.

(Original Article Below)

AA Party 3 - CopyGWINNETT County – Angela Wilkins, a resident of Gwinnett County, has been hosting sex parties/orgies at her house (3765 Wynter Frost Walk Bethlehem, GA 30620) on a regular basis since 2009 (probably even 2006) and continues to do so up to the present day. Below is an invitation she posted on her profile on to a 2014 event she titled: “End of Summer Party/Orgy.”  (Please note the strange reference to midgets.)

Camerab cropped - Copy

(Note: In spite of the Bethlehem tag, this is a Gwinnett address.)

Party Bowl at Angela's Filled w/ Condoms

Party Bowl at Angela’s Filled w/ Condoms

This is just one of many such parties she has thrown – it took ATL Trafficking investigative reporters many days to sift through all the threads – and we have now determined the true and correct names of the participants.

In all, over 80 different men & women, young & old, have confirmed their attendance at her orgies. They discuss their sordid activities in great detail in online forums, which are discoverable using Google. The quote below is from a thread titled “Is it time for another orgy yet?”

Camera intro cropped b - CopyThe disgusting nature of their group is evident on every page of their threads, and there seems no limit to their depravity. Spouses are exchanged randomly, men with men, women with women. There are some indications that at times they even dress up in animal costumes when engaging in these acts. (We have left out the large majority of their comments because they are so vulgar.)

Angela engaged in a preliminary sexual game with a girlfriend.

Angela engaged in a preliminary sexual game with a girlfriend.

Astoundingly, Angela regularly announces some of these orgies to be “Kid-friendly.” When they do, the group uses a little more coded language and calls the event a “cookout.” But as one attendee lets the cat out of the bag, “cookout is a code word for orgy, DUH!”

Cookout Code for Orgy croppedb - Copy

AA Party 2 - CopyIn one exchange, Angela says “And it is kid-friendly by the way.” Immediately, after that another female attendee asks, “Can I run the B*** J** (oral sex) booth?”

The attendee above (letsdoit2gether), who confirmed that “Cookout” is a code for orgy, says in a comment two hours later that they are bringing their children to the “Cookout”:


Cookout 3 croppedb - Copy

AA Party worst - Copy

An Angela Wilkins’ Party Where “No Sexual Activity Occurred.” (According to group members Rebecca Chambers & Kimberly Shockley Dodd.)

The following day, “forever_26,” a female who experienced serious violence from unwelcome sadomasochistic acts at the same “Cookout” where kids were present, comments:

Cookout 4b cropped - Copy

In another statement, her boyfriend swears they are going to press charges or he is going to break up with his girlfriend.

A woman using the handle eternally_sunni confirms her children were present at an entirely different Christmas Eve orgy. Then, while her children were unwrapping presents Christmas morning, she posted this:

Kids Present - Thread croppedb - Copy

How are children not “too demented” from being exposed to an orgy? And why would you take a risk?

What these multiple threads reveal are the hard facts that kids have clearly been present at sex parties at the Angela Wilkins home over many years.

Unfortunately, while the post above would make it sound like these “protective” parents kept their children secluded in other rooms, there are other stronger indications that children may actually be more involved and even sexually abused at these parties.

Kimberly Shockley Dodd and Another Party Attender

Kimberly Shockley Dodd and Another Party Attender

As we get closer to present day, the Angela Wilkins’ Swingers refer more and more often to “midgets” throughout their comments, especially in ways that refer to sexual fantasies involving midgets. Angela Wilkins (angelagir) says on her personal profile that her most powerful fantasies are about sexual relations with “midgets.”

At first, the reader wants to believe that this is some kind of sick, ongoing, inside joke about something imaginary, but it’s not. Many references to the “midgets” indicate they are very real, even going so far as to specify that some of them come from a specific place in Snellville, Georgia.

Midgets in Snellville 2012b cropped - Copy

(Bleeped words not in original)


At one point, Angela says that the “midgets” prefer items that would be natural for kids to prefer, but not any true adult midgets (i.e. “strawberry-flavored items”). She also says in another thread that she will keep “the midgets put away, but can let you see them upon special request.”  If these are actual midget prostitutes attending the party, then why aren’t they present and visible to everyone the whole time? Why do they have to be specially requested?

One possible answer is that these could be children who are being brought out for anyone willing to pay extra, but they feel they are being clever using code words. At least one man who uses the handle splitlicker is known to have attended these parties with his own daughter participating in the sex acts (her exact age at the time is unknown, and both are now presumed deceased).

In 2014 and 2015, the group started to use much more coded language. Sources connected to law enforcement say they believe the group switched to a more secure communications method some time recently to avoid detection.

Happy Tacos Cropped - Copy

The comment above is made in the middle if discussions about costumes and bringing midgets. Why is the phrase “Happy Tacos” capitalized? According to the FBI, pedophiles commonly use food items as code words for different kinds of children.

If this man is referring to fixings for actual tacos, why does he include a devil symbol followed by two faces kissing after he says it?

From these threads, we know that:

  • Angela Wilkins and a close-knit group of other swingers regularly hold orgies at her house in Gwinnett County.
  • Children are openly discussed as being present at these sex parties.
  • Prescription Drugs are sold at the parties, according to the threads. (Avgjoe0266 even states the price for which he will sell everyone Viagra.)
  • Costumes are used
  • Furry parties (animal costumes) are a known element associated with some pedophile rings
  • There is a lot of discussion about sexual fantasies with midgets

These threads absolutely prove child endangerment at a minimum, and any objective observer would have strong suspicions that the children are being asked to do more than just observe.

The code names below are all handles used by regular attendees of these orgies. Sources have provided ATL Trafficking with a list of the true & correct names of all of them.

Below is a list of many of the members of the Wilkins Swinger Club, most of whom are well-aware that children were brought to the Wilkins’ home while the orgies took place.

Orgy Profile Name Real Name Location/Notes
Absentminded_69 Stephanie Jackson Lilburn, GA
Acarriem Alicia Owen Ray Auburn, GA
alisha0124 Alisha Slieff Lawrenceville, GA
Aprilmillr67, Bitter_1, jagged_lil_pill April Hadaway Miller Hogansville, GA
avgjoe0266, lilelvis Dave Welch Cameraman, Provider of Prescription Drugs, Grovetown, GA
Baghdaddy_01 James Clearwater Jenkinsburg, GA
beccasgardens11, catchmeagain1 Rebecca Chambers
bitahunni Karen Baggett
cbrooks101064 Charles Brooks Hiram, GA
davinaleebaby74 Davina Lee Sylvania, GA
dogtrainer7 Floren DeWaard Monroe, GA
dthom67 David Thomas Rockmart, GA
enjoying_life80 Kimberly Shockley Dodd Muncie, IN (previously employed by Newton County Schools in GA)
eternally_sunni Melissa Miller Northeast GA Health, Medical Assistant
extreme_z Marvin Clayton
fosplicer Randy Nuttle Dallas, GA
gaupser Melissa Paulette Gresham-Storey
gijoeretired Joe Thwaites Valdosta, GA
gwwrn Gail Wallace Walker Lawrenceville, GA – Nurse at Emory
happypainter Lisa Anderson
hensonnlee Lee Henson East Griffin, GA
jc1174 J.C. Dan Powder Springs, GA
jonas_eats_box Michael J. Lee Dahlonega, GA
kennethlewis Kenneth Lewis
kila Kila Quigley
koztech Kevin Zecher Hendersonville, NC
ktjubama Karen Tillery Montgomery, AL
letsdoit2gether Christopher Camp Austell, GA – Operator at Intonu, LLC
luvspells Lezley Ann Koutlas Whitesburg, GA
mayflylady Jule Macie Conyers, GA
nascarchamp6tim Kevin Haskins
night269t Clayton Burgess
pablo_escobar Chris Tidwell kingston, GA
peachy4372_me Amy Abernathy Ball Ground, GA
peekabobean Pamela Reasor Hampton, GA
ratedrrockstar Eric Cannon Auburn, GA, Athens, TN
ricks445 Shawn Rickard Augusta, GA
robsie Robin Milam
robtest Rob Turner Engaged to Gail Walker
rockgar Gary Zarbinski
s_g Stephanie Grooms Facebook: MyKidsPaparazzi
sbeardy1 Sean Smith Lexington, KY
tatertot415 Cheryl Turner-Jordan Smith
tjcooper67 Tammy J. Cooper
urdeepestdesire, msvixen69 Chelsea Camp Austell, GA – Wife of Christopher Camp
vmsweetgirl Vickie Edge
wende2012 Wende Bernard LaPierre Tallapoosa, GA
will3432 Will Jenkins La Grange, GA
winkwink2u Wanda Kirk
wolfsdove Sean Morgan Atlanta, GA
writerdog Larry Baumgardner

One has to wonder how such a group can operate with impunity in Gwinnett County? Why hasn’t Gwinnett SVU launched an investigation, even if just in regards to child endangerment?

Perhaps because some of the attendees are members of law enforcement?

IMG_6114 croppedb - CopyWe sincerely hope not. One would hope that corruption is not the reason for inaction and that detectives are simply unaware.

Call the Gwinnett County Police Department today and demand that they immediately open an investigation into the Angela Wilkins’ Swinger Club and determine whether any children have been endangered or even sexually abused during these parties! NOTE: If police respond with “we are looking into it,” demand to speak with a detective and to know if they have officially opened an investigation.

Call CBS46 (404-327-3200) & 11Alive News (404-892-1611) and urge their investigative journalists to begin looking into this group and exposing them on their programs.

The guilt of these individuals of engaging in illegal activity is in black and white, and child endangerment is already proven. A few search warrants would likely reveal much worse.

To read more about the Bethlehem Orgy Group and evidence against them, click here.

Major Atlanta Sex Trafficking Hot Spot Closed!

front-closed-copyAtlanta, GA – Earlier this year, we reported that Anthony “Ant” Shivers, along with at least 7 other sex traffickers at a time, have been consistently observed in recent years operating out of the Motel 6 located at 3585 Chamblee Tucker Rd.

This particular Motel 6 has hosted the public beating of numerous women and the routine commercial, sexual exploitation of underage girls. It has also been identified by rescued trafficking victims as one Continue reading

The Life of a Massage Parlor Woman

Forsyth County – It has been said that if the public could see what went on in the massage parlors next to their neighborhoods, there wouldn’t be a single one left open.

Yet, the plague of brothels posing as massage parlors continues to spread like a creeping infection across the United States, rotting our families and communities from the inside out.

Do you wonder what life is like for these women who are forced to provide sex for every man who walks in these parlors?

We thought to write an article illuminating the horrors of such a life, but since others have done that very well already, we felt it easier to simply point you to one of those accounts:

The Lost Girls is the story of “Kiki,” a real life victim of forced sexual Continue reading

UPDATE: Massage Angel (CLOSED – Forsyth)

UPDATE: Massage Angel is now confirmed to be permanently closed!

This was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth Sheriff’s raid several months ago – this closure occurred because of public pressure by the citizens of Forsyth County.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Massage Angel (655 Atlanta Hwy, Suite 508, Cumming, GA) was a not a spa, but a brothel and part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what went on at Massage Angel, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is dated after the Forsyth County ordinances were passed.

Women who are trapped working in the massage parlors operated by these cartels are typically lured into the United States with Continue reading

Yan Massage (Still Active – Forsyth)

Yan Massage Cumming Forsyth County Massage ParlorTrafficking BrothelATTENTION: Yan Massage was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth County raid several weeks ago, and is still active.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Yan Massage (4415 Front Nine Dr. #200, Cumming, GA) is a not a spa, but a brothel that is part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what goes on at Yan Massage, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is Continue reading

Pine Health (Still Active – Forsyth)

front door - CopyNOTE: Pine Health Club & Spa was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth County raid 2 weeks ago, and is still active.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

The Pine Health Club & Spa (102 Colony Park Dr, Suite 500, Cumming, GA) is a not a spa, but a brothel that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what goes on at Pine Health, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded and rated like slaves or cattle.

Women who are trapped working in the massage parlors run by these cartels are typically Continue reading

Teen Sex Trafficking Brings $1.8 Million to the Super Inn

vic 1 - CopyIt is time that we put a stop to the trafficking of teenagers in broad daylight, right in front of our eyes.”

Fulton County – On February 16th, ATL Trafficking published a news article detailing the sex trafficking of underage girls at the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) and exposing the owner, Ishwar Patel, and his managers’ awareness of the situation.

Reliable sources say that between the hours of 4:00 PM and 2:00 AM, an average of 8 men per hour can be seen arriving at the Super Inn to pay for sex with these young girls and Continue reading

Congratulations, Johns Creek!

Master Map - SpasFulton County – Each red marker on the map above represents a different massage parlor in Metro Atlanta where multiple men have posted comments in recent months (in online forums) confirming they have received sexual services at that spa.

A quick glance at the map reveals several things right off the bat. For example, Cumming has a significant brothel/trafficking problem, an unusual level of it considering their extreme suburban location.

A few other things jump out, like the fact that Gwinnett County seems to be doing a pretty good job, but Dekalb County is failing pretty badly.

However, one fact that jumps out before all else: There is a big white hole around Johns Creek!

Johns Creek recently passed a set of very effective ordinances giving them jurisdiction to Continue reading

Ishwar Patel: Teen Sex Trafficking Profiteer (Fulton Industrial)

Hotel Front - Copy

Super Inn – 301 Fulton Industrial Cir.

“It doesn’t matter when we go. They’re always there.”  ~ Anonymous informant (regarding young girls exploited daily at the Super Inn)

Fulton County – Every day, one after the other, men arrive in their trucks or SUVs to pick up one of the teenage girls pacing the pavement in front of the Super Inn near Fulton Industrial Blvd. The men take them away and then drop them back off 15 minutes later, at which point the girls begin pacing again.

vic 1 - Copy

Young Victims at the Super Inn

Surprisingly, just 6 hotels on or around Fulton Industrial Blvd are responsible for creating the worst sex trafficking neighborhood in Metro Atlanta. However, of those 6, the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) is the hotel most associated with the trafficking of minors and underage victims.

Reliable sources have photographically documented these young victims at the Super Inn as recently as a vic 2 - Copyfew days ago (Feb. 2016) as well as countless other times over recent years.

Other sources say they have repeatedly reported the presence of these minors to different branches of law enforcement, but to no avail.

“The only thing that ever seems to get a response is when we call Crimestoppers,” says one anonymous informant, vic 4 - Copy“but then all they do is send a marked patrol car. The girls see that and they scatter. Then the patrol car drives off and that’s the end of it.”

Ishwar Patel owns the Super Inn through his company, T&S Hospitality LLC. Besides Ishwar, 4 other Patels have claimed this hotel to be their best contact address within the past 18 months. They are: Vinnie Patel (Dec 2015), Madsu Patel (Oct 2015), Ambelal Patel (Jul Continue reading