Major Atlanta Sex Trafficking Hot Spot Closed!

front-closed-copyAtlanta, GA – Earlier this year, we reported that Anthony “Ant” Shivers, along with at least 7 other sex traffickers at a time, have been consistently observed in recent years operating out of the Motel 6 located at 3585 Chamblee Tucker Rd.

This particular Motel 6 has hosted the public beating of numerous women and the routine commercial, sexual exploitation of underage girls. It has also been identified by rescued trafficking victims as one Continue reading

Two Forsyth Massage Parlors Flout the Law: (Yan Massage)

Interior of Yan Massage

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

“A Massage” and “Yan Massage” are two spas that survived the Forsyth Sheriff Department raid this Spring, and both are still actively using trafficked women from Asia to provide sexual services to men in their neighborhoods.

Both parlors are also in clear violation of Forsyth County Code ordinances as they are illegally located next to playgrounds, a daycare, and residential areas.

Under the Forsyth County Code, massage parlors are classified as Adult Entertainment establishments. Section 10-36 reads as follows:

To Daycare - Copy

View of School from parking lot in front of Yan Massage (brothel)

“(a)  Location. No adult entertainment establishment shall be located:

(1)  Within 1,000 feet of any parcel of land which is either used or zoned for residential uses or purposes;

(2)  Within 1,000 feet of any parcel of land on which a church, school, library, college campus, public park, cemetery, government building, civic center, or children’s day care or playground facility is located;”

As the map on the right shows, Yan Massage is located within 393 feet of  a preschool & kindergarten and 70 feet from a residential area. Obviously, both those distances are less than 1,000 feet.

This is a clear and undeniable violation of the massage parlor code and the Forsyth Sheriff must act immediately to shutter it permanently. Forsyth never should have issued a permit in the first place.

NOTE: On April 12th of this year, Sperry Van Ness, the property management company for Yan’s shopping center, sent the email below to the Forsyth Sheriff Dept. acknowledging they were aware of the criminal activity at this property:

“Thank you for the notice. This is not the original tenant signed up within the premises. We will notify the landlord/owner (Royal Windermere, LLC) to take your recommended action immediately.”

Apparently, the owner, Royal Windermere, decided they cared more about the cash and didn’t want to evict this illegal brothel. Since the property management notified the sheriff in writing they were aware of the criminal activity and would notify the owner, and had a clear path to take action, but then the owner chose not to do so, this shopping center is now eligible for confiscation. (Forsyth, wouldn’t you like a free $2 million?)

Why should we care?

Because after the Forsyth Sheriff raid this Spring, Preplie924 wrote on April 29th:

“J**** gave a good enough h******, stroking *******. I held onto those nice C **** and then **** ** ****…I cant wait to have more fun with this girl.”

Notorious Keys wrote on on July 3rd, 2016:

“The massage was a little rough but when I flipped over, her…game was good. She stroked and ****** on my **** until I ********…I’m glad I checked this place out!”

Yan Massage as seen from the Carrington Academy

Yan Massage as seen from the Carrington Academy

Bulldog_42 wrote on July 12, 2016:

“Since we’ve known one another for a couple of years she lets me get away with more. You’ll have a nice massage and great HE (happy ending) with J****.”

Aznjay916 wrote on July 12, 2016:

“Definitely will leave u HAPPY after she’s done with u”

Wareagle 51 wrote on July 17, 2016 that he received a “happy ending.

Firemedic8331 wrote on July 21, 2016:

“On the flip she ask about happy ending. I said yes and she stroked nicely til the finish.”

That last one is especially troubling since his avatar is “firemedic,” implying he works for an emergency response service of some kind.

And this is all happening in violation of the law within eyesight of our children and neighborhoods.

IMPORTANT: Once Yan Massage is rightfully shut down by the Sheriff, its owners, and the family members are prohibited by law from reopening their parlor anywhere else in Forsyth.

Concerned citizens should contact the Forsyth Sheriff Department right away.  (770-781-2222)

UPDATE: Massage Angel (CLOSED – Forsyth)

UPDATE: Massage Angel is now confirmed to be permanently closed!

This was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth Sheriff’s raid several months ago – this closure occurred because of public pressure by the citizens of Forsyth County.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Massage Angel (655 Atlanta Hwy, Suite 508, Cumming, GA) was a not a spa, but a brothel and part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what went on at Massage Angel, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is dated after the Forsyth County ordinances were passed.

Women who are trapped working in the massage parlors operated by these cartels are typically lured into the United States with Continue reading

Yan Massage (Still Active – Forsyth)

Yan Massage Cumming Forsyth County Massage ParlorTrafficking BrothelATTENTION: Yan Massage was not one of the parlors shut down in the Forsyth County raid several weeks ago, and is still active.

WARNING: The following contains actual reviews and thus very graphic language.

Yan Massage (4415 Front Nine Dr. #200, Cumming, GA) is a not a spa, but a brothel that is part of a national criminal network that trafficks women for sex.

As evidence of what goes on at Yan Massage, we’ve included a few actual reviews by “clients.” These reviews come from popular sex forums where businesses and women are graded by mongers and rated like slaves or cattle. The first one is Continue reading

Teen Sex Trafficking Brings $1.8 Million to the Super Inn

vic 1 - CopyIt is time that we put a stop to the trafficking of teenagers in broad daylight, right in front of our eyes.”

Fulton County – On February 16th, ATL Trafficking published a news article detailing the sex trafficking of underage girls at the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) and exposing the owner, Ishwar Patel, and his managers’ awareness of the situation.

Reliable sources say that between the hours of 4:00 PM and 2:00 AM, an average of 8 men per hour can be seen arriving at the Super Inn to pay for sex with these young girls and Continue reading

Ishwar Patel: Teen Sex Trafficking Profiteer (Fulton Industrial)

Hotel Front - Copy

Super Inn – 301 Fulton Industrial Cir.

“It doesn’t matter when we go. They’re always there.”  ~ Anonymous informant (regarding young girls exploited daily at the Super Inn)

Fulton County – Every day, one after the other, men arrive in their trucks or SUVs to pick up one of the teenage girls pacing the pavement in front of the Super Inn near Fulton Industrial Blvd. The men take them away and then drop them back off 15 minutes later, at which point the girls begin pacing again.

vic 1 - Copy

Young Victims at the Super Inn

Surprisingly, just 6 hotels on or around Fulton Industrial Blvd are responsible for creating the worst sex trafficking neighborhood in Metro Atlanta. However, of those 6, the Super Inn (301 Fulton Industrial Cir SW, Atlanta, GA 30336) is the hotel most associated with the trafficking of minors and underage victims.

Reliable sources have photographically documented these young victims at the Super Inn as recently as a vic 2 - Copyfew days ago (Feb. 2016) as well as countless other times over recent years.

Other sources say they have repeatedly reported the presence of these minors to different branches of law enforcement, but to no avail.

“The only thing that ever seems to get a response is when we call Crimestoppers,” says one anonymous informant, vic 4 - Copy“but then all they do is send a marked patrol car. The girls see that and they scatter. Then the patrol car drives off and that’s the end of it.”

Ishwar Patel owns the Super Inn through his company, T&S Hospitality LLC. Besides Ishwar, 4 other Patels have claimed this hotel to be their best contact address within the past 18 months. They are: Vinnie Patel (Dec 2015), Madsu Patel (Oct 2015), Ambelal Patel (Jul Continue reading

UPDATE: Red Roof in Smyrna Caves…or Did They?

Shivers FB with money - CopySmyrna, GA – On February 2, Sheri Kell, Director of Communications for Cobb County, stated that in response to recent news items regarding significant levels of confirmed sex trafficking activity at the Red Roof in Smyrna (2200 Corporate Plaza, Smyrna, GA 30080), the franchise owner has agreed to hire off duty officers to regularly patrol its property.

While this solution sounds great on the surface, in reality, we have never seen such intents make a difference at a hotel in the past. For example, the management of the Fairview Inn off Fulton Industrial Blvd tried the same gesture more than a year ago without success. (This was a hotel that was so rampant at the time one could not film the parking lot in any direction without capturing prostitution on camera,) Here is what happened:

Day One: Officer began his shift in the parking lot. Investigators filmed as he fruitlessly Continue reading

Red Roof Admits Sex Trafficking Occurs in its Rooms!

On Wednesday, January 2oth, reliable sources confirm that a spokesman for the Red Roof Inn off Windy Hill Rd (2200 Corporate Plaza, Smyrna, GA 30080) identifying himself as “Forrest,” the night manager, said that he had read ATL Trafficking’s most recent article on the Red Roof in Smyrna and admitted that much of the information contained in the article regarding sex trafficking occurring in their rooms is true! (Of course, we know it’s all true.)

Remember, it is an established fact that teenage girls have not only been routinely trafficked at this hotel,  but such prostitution is ongoing.

Forrest also confirmed that the national Red Roof Corporate office is aware of the situation, as well as the franchise owner. What is it going to take for Red Roof Corporate (614-744-2600) to pull the franchise rights from this owner? 

Readers will recall that up to 40 of the recent “good” reviews recently removed by tripadvisor for being fraudulent went out of their way to specifically praise employees “Forrest” or “Edafe.”

Readers will also remember that investigators recently filmed the manager Continue reading

Red Roof Inn Runs Rampant

“We wish we could drop a nuke on it.” ~ Anonymous federal agent (referring to the Red Roof off Windy Hill Rd.)

The Red Roof Inn in Smyrna (2200 Corporate Plaza, Smyrna, GA 30080), located next to the new Braves stadium construction, is a hotbed of trafficking activity! This hotel is used for Red Roof Front - Copyprostitution and has been this way for many years. Any day of the week, dozens of girls are trafficked out of this location, some of whom look underage, even as young as 12.

Data Points:

16 year old girl raped and almost murdered at this Red Roof Inn at the hands of her would-be trafficker who held her head underwater in a bathtub in order to force her to prostitute herself.

School buses drop off young children at this Red Roof every day (i.e. some of the women are very long-term residents, meaning the manager knows very well who they are and what they’re doing there). An ice cream truck also passes regularly through the lot.

Private investigators recently observed a young woman being trafficked repeatedly at the Red Roof in Smyrna over a 3 day period while her 7 week old baby slepFace and Rap Sheet - Copyt at the foot of the bed in which she was entertaining “client” after “client.” Investigators called DFACS and the Cobb County Police repeatedly over those days. Both were unresponsive.

Anthony “Ant” Shivers (see photo) is a known trafficker who has been observed in the company of at least one provocatively dressed 12 year old at the Red Roof in Smyrna. He has multiple convictions for statutory rape and enticing a child for indecent purposes and is also known to run girls out of the Motel 6 at Chamblee Tucker Rd. & I-285.

The Black Mafia Family is known to Continue reading

A2C Budget Hotel – Fountain of Crime on Fulton Industrial Blvd

A2C Front - CopyThe A2C Budget Hotel (Formerly the Travelodge (and later the Travel Inn) of Six Flags), located at 4265 Shirley Drive, South-West, Atlanta, GA 30336, is the worst of the worst when it comes to sex trafficking on Fulton Industrial Blvd.

Years ago, Travelodge pulled its association with this hotel due to crime & poor management issues. (We do congratulate Travelodge for taking a stand!) At that time, it was downgraded to the “Travel Inn” but its association with sex trafficking did not diminish.

Not too long ago, the Travel Inn was foreclosed on by its mortgage holder and resold. The new owner renamed it the A2C Budget Hotel and voila, we now have one of the worst hotels in Metro Atlanta.

Officials say that while there always existed a sex trafficking problem when it was called the Travel Inn, since it came under the control of the new owner, crime levels have exploded to the point that now, at least 25% of all crimes on Fulton Industrial Blvd originate at the A2C Budget Hotel!

Of course, this isn’t the only hotel this particular owner possesses – he has 6 Continue reading